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Photo Stamp Remover 9.1

Removes watermarks and logos from images
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Remove unwanted objects from your photos images. It cleans face and skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne and tattoos. You can select the unwanted artifact manually.

Suitable for all kinds of artifacts that surely spoil your best images, Photo Stamp Remover can get rid of any date or time stamp, watermark, object, or any person or animal that got in the middle inadvertently. Using high-end restoration technology, this program clones the pixels around the offending artifact and recreates the empty background it leaves in just a few seconds.

Selecting the object to remove is extremely easy. The program comes with a series of selection tools (from free-form lassos to magic wands) that will allow you to paint all the area you wish to remove with just a few movements of your mouse. You don’t need to be extremely precise in the selection process unless you are looking for excellence. If this is the case, you can use the program’s zoom-in option to see the contour of the object(s) in greater detail and change the size of the selected brush to improve the accuracy of your selection.

Even so, the quality of the results will greatly depend on a number of factors. Uniform backgrounds are much easier to clone, so the flatter and the more even they are, the better results the pixel cloning process will produce. The bigger the object to remove, the higher the chances that some bits are left unremoved, making it necessary to repeat the entire process until you get closer to the expected results. In some cases, the image may not disappear completely no matter how hard you try, and in other cases, the utility may clone the wrong pixels, especially when dealing with heterogeneous backgrounds. These limitations are common to all object removal tools. The final level of quality achieved will largely depend on the quality of the algorithms used and the care and the level of precision you put into the selection process.

Photo Stamp Remover comes with a very convenient batch removal process, most suitable for getting rid of date and time stamps, logos, and watermarks, which tend to appear in a fixed location. All in all, this is a tool capable of removing quite a number of artifacts and blemishes and produce excellent results – do not expect 100 percent accuracy or success, but do expect to benefit from its high-speed processing and its legendary ease of use.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Choice of brushes and selection tools
  • Batch watermark remover
  • Customizable removal algorithms


  • Mixed results
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