Photo Stamp Remover 15.0
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Photo Stamp Remover 15.0

Removes watermarks and logos from images
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Remove unwanted objects from your photos images. It cleans face and skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne and tattoos. You can select the unwanted artifact manually.

Persons, animals, buses, lampposts, aerials, and all kinds of artifacts have the tendency to get in the way as soon as we decide to take a photograph. Photo Stamp Remover comes with all the functions and features you need to remove all of these unwanted objects in three easy steps. Besides, the program also offers a set of enhancing and retouching tools to help you fine-tune the results of the removal process.

As it happens with most (if not all) tools designed to remove objects from photographs, the results they usually yield are mixed at best. It is not always the program’s fault, as it has a lot to do with the background behind the object. If that background is a clean flat surface (say a neat blue or white sky) or if the limits of the object to remove are clearly defined (such as those of a timestamp), nearly all retouching programs will produce high-quality results. But it is when the background is less homogeneous that you can really check if a program like Photo Stamp Remover is worth its price tag.

Having tried quite a few of these tools, I can firmly recommend using this program to remove all those unwanted artifacts that tend to appear out of nowhere in our best shots. Do not expect excellent results in all photographs and in all instances, though. As soon as the background is not as uniform as we would like, retouching is almost inevitable. The program offers you four filling techniques to “paint” the blank space left by the object removed with a texture that resembles as much as possible to the real surface behind it.

Inpainting, Hole Filling, Texture Generation, and Quick Remove are the four options provided. Despite what the program’s manual may say, which one is best for each photo is for you to decide. My advice is that you try them all every time you need to remove an object that sits over a complex background – each removal process takes but a few seconds, so it is wise to try various modes and keep the one that requires less post-processing or none at all.

Finally, the program offers a batch mode, which is a great choice when you need to remove the exact same object or one that follows a clear pattern from a bunch of pictures – say, a timestamp, or even better, a watermark. Funnily enough, Photo Stamp Remover comes also with a tool to create and add watermarks to your pictures, both text- and image-based ones.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers various removal techniques
  • Includes retouching tools
  • Supports batch removal of watermarks and timestamps
  • Includes magic wands and color-based removal


  • Produces mixed results
  • Some photos require extensive retouching

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It is a demo and a pretty useless one. If you use it to remove a logo or watermark, it replaces it with its own watermark.

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